same-day dentistry Bridgeton, Missouri

No one plans to have a toothache, and its occurrence can be a severe disruption in your life. Suppose you are tired of waiting several days or weeks for a chance to see your dentist. In that case, you are among the increasing number of patients who desire same-day dentistry

The benefits of same-day dentistry go beyond immediate care. Suffering through a severe dental emergency may threaten the survival of your tooth. Same-day dentistry is an immediate treatment that saves a tooth you would otherwise lose.

Having a tooth ache makes it challenging to handle your everyday tasks. But what happens if the tooth starts hurting after business hours or on the weekend? You may resign yourself to waiting to schedule an appointment when a dental practice finally opens.

When others are closed, Dr. Bell is here for you. You don’t have to wait in pain. We identify the cause of pain and take care of you and your beautiful smile. During a same-day emergency visit, we diagnose the cause of pain, layout a precise treatment plan, and ensure to make you comfortable and relieve your dental pain.

How do I stop my tooth from excruciating pain?

Are you experiencing pain or swelling in your teeth or gums? It could be due to many, many reasons. At Maryland Heights Dental in Bridgeton, Missouri, we are here for our patients during dental emergencies. We reserve an allotted time each day to accommodate emergency patients experiencing dental pain.

The cause of many toothaches is an infection. Infections can be dangerous, and antibiotics may be necessary to fight the disease. Dental infections are unique in that antibiotics alone will never “cure” the disorder. For this reason, Dr. Bell explains clearly which dental treatments are necessary to remove the underlying cause of the infection, stop the toothache, and prevent the problem from returning.

Remember never to ignore tooth pain or wait until it becomes unbearable. Same-day dental services are your answer to taking care of pain and saving your smile. Click here to learn more.

What are situations that demand same-day dentistry?

Chips or cracks

Dental emergencies are not always painful. Some people experience chipped or cracked teeth from an injury or trauma or even the result of an underlying cavity. These injuries come with various degrees of severity. 

Immediate tooth restoration removes the chance of exposing the tooth to bacteria, which ultimately causes an infection. If you do not experience pain, you should still contact our dental office immediately.

Tooth pain

Tooth pain usually never gives off warning signs. A severe toothache is typically an indication of decay or infection and needs to be checked immediately. Your tooth pain may be caused by one of the following:

  • Decay – decay can reach the tooth nerve and cause severe pain.
  • Gum Disease – should be treated immediately before teeth loosen.
  • Damaged Tooth Pulp – the root of the tooth becomes infected and requires an emergency root canal to save the tooth and end the pain.
  • Something Near the Tooth – pain may be caused by an ear or sinus infection.

Tooth loss

Losing a tooth due to an accident can be debilitating. Maintaining your calmness in the wake of an emergency can significantly save the tooth. Contact the dentist’s office to inform them of the situation and an immediate emergency dental care appointment.

Stay calm! Dr. Bell or someone from his dental team can guide you through the steps to save your tooth.  

Tissue injuries

Sometimes dental emergencies can cause puncture injuries or lacerations to the cheeks, tongue, gums, and lips. These types of accidents demand a same-day dentistry appointment to lessen the risk of causing extensive injuries to broken, sharp teeth. 

Broken denture

Emergencies can occur even for those who have no teeth. The pink base of a denture can crack or break entirely, or a tooth can chip off, making it impossible to wear the denture.

Better safe than sorry

If you experience a dental issue that you think demands immediate care, call Maryland Heights Dental immediately. In case of doubt, it’s always better to tread the path of caution and allow a dentist to examine the situation. Click here for more information about mouth trauma.

We are here for you.

Offering same-day dentistry helps save natural teeth during a dental emergency. At Maryland Heights Dental, we assist before a problem worsens and requires more invasive dental procedures. 

Do not hesitate to contact us for treatment of any emergency. We provide restorative dentistry through permanent crowns, temporary crowns, and dental implants, amongst many others.